Teflon graphite packing

Teflon graphite packing Teflon refractory packing of graphite is woven from Teflon yarn on which a layer of graphite is drawn.

Product description

Teflon graphite packing
Teflon refractory packing of graphite is woven from Teflon yarn on which a layer of graphite is drawn.
First, let's deal with the materials used in this packing to have more complete information about this product.
Teflon :
What is polytetrafluoroethylene or Teflon PTFE is a polymer material (polymer) made by DuPont. This polymeric material has a low coefficient of friction (used in non-stick containers). Polytetrafluoroethylene is best known in the world under the Teflon brand. Since this polymer (Teflon) is rarely excreted by the human body, it is used in medicine and we can use it to make artificial organs in the human body. This polymer (Teflon) has a light weight with a strong structure. It has a neutral or inert chemical property with most industrial chemicals. PETFE polytetrafluoroethylene has a wide temperature range from -260 to 260 degrees Celsius. Teflon has very good resistance to penetration. Polytetrafluoroethylene has excellent dielectric properties and is non-toxic. Teflon has the ability to combine with additives to increase hardness and durability.

Graphite is an allotrope of carbon composed of layers of carbon atoms. These layers can easily slide on top of each other, which makes it a very soft mineral. Graphite has a dark gray color and a metallic luster.

Properties of graphite
Highest natural strength and hardness
Stainless and heat resistant
High natural lubrication
High heat resistance up to 2500 ° C
Electrical and thermal conductors
Chemical stability
Radiation inhibitor
Low friction
High compressive strength
• Teflon graphite checking material is formed from the combination of these materials.

Sealing packages are one of the most important products in the modern industry of the world. These products are also known as pump packs and sealing threads. The wide variety of refractory materials has led to the production and supply of many refractory packages. Refractory packings are mostly classified based on temperature.
The material of the first type of this refractory packing is composed of high quality Teflon fibers with pure graphite coating, which has lubricating properties and can withstand temperatures between minus 160 degrees Celsius to positive 280 degrees Celsius.

The second type of packing material has double heat tolerance compared to the first type. It is made of Teflon yarn on which a coating of pure graphite is drawn. To maintain more strength, silicone oil has been used in the structure of this sealing packing. Its applications are the same as the first type and it is a very suitable alternative for all types of low pressure felt bowls.

Both types of Teflon graphite refractory packages are woven from the best type of fibers and are considered to be the most widely used refractory sealing packages with lubricating properties.

There are other features that distinguish this product, which are:

High flexibility, volumetric stability, good thermal conductivity and ...

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