Calcium silica sheet

Silica sheet: Calcium silicate or calcium silica refractory sheet is made of silica filament yarn with asbestos and amorphous texture and some silica.

Product description

Silica sheet:
Calcium silicate or calcium silica refractory sheet is made of silica filament yarn with asbestos and amorphous texture and some silica.
First, let's examine the characteristics and structure of the opening materials of this product:
Filament yarn:

Filament yarn is a combination of fibrous layers produced by a spinning machine. This yarn can be spun or not spun in which the fibers are placed parallel to each other so that they do not separate. Filament yarns are more uniform than spun. They also have more softness and shine like satin. This yarn also has higher strength.

Most filament yarns are extracted, ie they are extracted from natural fibers or synthetic fibers through a spinner (spinning machine).

These yarns can be divided into two categories: 1. Monofilament 2: Multifilament
Amorph texture: It is an amorphous texture without any special order.
Amorph from the perspective of physics: In physics, dense matter and solids science is amorphous solid in which the components (atoms / molecules), unlike crystalline materials, do not have a long-range order but only a short-order order.
Silicon dioxide or silica with the chemical formula SiO2 is the most abundant oxide compound in the Earth's crust. The name Silicon is derived from the Latin word Silicis meaning flint of hard rock, flint or flint. The name silica is used for all minerals with the general formula SiO2. These minerals with the same chemical formula form the famous polymorphs that are in the quartz group. Quartz in a special state appears in the form of a mountain, in which case, it reveals all its physical and chemical properties. Quartz is not sensitive to acids and bases, but it is sensitive to fluoride acid. In terms of texture and internal structure, each silicon atom is surrounded by 4 oxygen atoms as a tetrader. Quartz has a hardness of 7 on the mouse table scale and a specific gravity of 65.2. The chemical composition and physical properties of silica determine its quality and uses in each of the industries used.
It is a fibrous and highly toxic substance that is combined with other materials such as Teflon in the industry to prevent it from being toxic.
Familiar with the ingredients of this product.
Let's look at the features of the product itself.
Silica sheet:

Asbestos, as we explained above, is very toxic, but in this product, due to the presence of other substances along with asbestos, it has lost its destructive effects and is known as green asbestos. This sheet is used for partitioning all kinds of rooms, suspension ceilings, kitchen walls, all kinds of induction furnaces, as well as in the petrochemical industry, etc. The heat resistance of this product is up to 2000 degrees Celsius, which is why it is one of the most suitable options to replace asbestos sheet.
The properties of calcium silica sheet include the following:
1- Extra moisture resistance
2- Use as sound and heat insulation
3- Very good strength due to the presence of silica and amorphous
4- High durability and stability and ...

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