Fiberglass and carbon fabric

Carbon Fiberglass Fabric: It is prepared and woven from a mixture of pure fiberglass fibers with pure carbon fibers.

Product description

Carbon Fiberglass Fabric:
It is prepared and woven from a mixture of pure fiberglass fibers with pure carbon fibers.
First, we examine the basic structure of the materials used in this packing:

Fiberglass is a type of material that is made by joining several small glass fibers together. These strands are bonded together using chemicals and become a stronger strand, with more cohesiveness.
Woven fibers are more cohesive and for sale, they first make fiberglass fibers into woven ones and then sell it.
Fiberglass fibers can be produced and used in different sizes. After being woven in a smaller size, this product can be turned into fiberglass yarns and slightly larger into fiberglass ropes, and if it is much larger, it can be turned into fiberglass fabrics, which is the type of work of these materials They differ according to their volume and size.
Carbon fiber:
Carbon fiber is a fiber that contains at least 90% carbon and is obtained from the controlled pyrolysis of special fibers. The term graphite fibers is used for fibers with a carbon content of more than 99%.
Carbon fiber properties:
CIA-colored carbon fibers are odorless and insoluble in water. They are resistant to acids, bases and organic solvents. They are non-melting and non-explosive. These fibers are widely used in the composite industry. Increases traction and modulus. Carbon fibers are mostly used in the manufacture of air composite components, pressure vessels and FRP reinforcement in buildings.
Well, we are very familiar with the structure of the materials used to make this product. In the following, we will examine the product itself
Carbon Fiberglass Fabric Product Specifications:
Due to the use of fiberglass and carbon in the structure of this product has the characteristics of both materials.
One of the most prominent features of this fireproof fabric is its very good heat tolerance.
Due to the presence of carbon fibers in this fabric, the stainlessness property has been added to this fabric.
This product also works well in chemical environments. Other features of this fabric include its very good mechanical and static strength. The advantages of this refractory fabric, which distinguishes it from other refractory fabrics, are its good thermal resistance and high tensile properties compared to its weight. One of the most prominent features of carbon fiberglass is its long life. Other features of carbon fiberglass fabric are corrosion resistance, X-ray strength, fatigue resistance, elasticity, etc. Due to the presence of carbon in this product and its brittleness, fiberglass fibers. It is used for maximum strength in the structure of this fabric.
The main applications of this exceptional product include the following:
Due to its very low weight and very high strength for the construction of advanced aircraft and fighters (fuselage, wings and tip)
Can be used in various industries as a heat and pressure resistant insulation with antistatic properties
To make all kinds of medical equipment as well as the main materials and the brain of all kinds of artificial equipment
Used in the construction industry (to strengthen materials and strengthen walls)

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