Fiberglass silk tape

Fiberglass silk refractory tape Refractory silk tape made of fiberglass that is very finely woven

Product description

Fiberglass silk refractory tape
Refractory silk tape made of fiberglass that is very finely woven.
First, we will examine the fiberglass fibers to have more complete information about the product.
What are fiberglass fibers?

Fiberglass is a type of material that is made by joining several small glass fibers together. These strands are bonded together using chemicals and become a stronger strand, with more cohesiveness.
Woven fibers are more cohesive and for sale, they first make fiberglass fibers into woven ones and then sell it.
Fiberglass fibers can be produced and used in different sizes. After being woven in a smaller size, this product can be turned into fiberglass yarns and slightly larger into fiberglass ropes, and if it is much larger, it can be turned into fiberglass fabrics, which is the type of work of these materials They differ according to their volume and size.
Fiberglass silk refractory tape:
Fiberglass refractory tape is woven from the same fibers of glass filament in two types of taro fabric and satin and requires low spinning, so it is called continuous or continuous fibers.
Due to the presence of glass fibers, the temperature tolerance of this refractory tape reaches 650 degrees Celsius. ا
Of course, this product continues to operate in the cold and is able to withstand cold down to about -60 degrees Celsius.
Some features of this product:
Applications of this product include the following:

Application in the field of sewing and production of fireproof clothes and gloves such as: fire clothing and gloves

Insulation of cables and wiring inside the car that are in the vicinity of heat.

Repair cracks and joints in thermal furnaces

Repair of all types of damage in all types of industrial engines

Insulation of home engine pipes

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