Insulated silicone tape

Izovolta is a well-known name in the field of insulation tape production. One of the most popular products of this company is Isolta silicone tape

Product description

Isolta silicone tape
Izovolta is a well-known name in the field of insulation tape production. One of the most popular products of this company is Isolta silicone tape. Isovolta silicone tape has been one of the best-selling products of the year with its good performance and high performance. Other features of this product include good resistance to heat and voltage, stability, durability, as well as incredible traction and strength. It should be noted that this product is one of the rare insulation tapes in the industry that has the ability to withstand heat and due to the presence of silicon in the structure of this product has caused it to be used in food and health industries.
Some other applications of isovolta silicone tape:

Motor and generator phase insulation, ground, dam and layer - Insulation for transformers, packaging applications - Reinforcement in transformers with thermal class F
So far, you have obtained information about the product. In this section, we will examine silicone:
Silicon :
What is silicon?
Silicones are a very useful and prolific group for various polymers. These materials have interesting properties at high and low temperatures. the door
They have good resistance to weather conditions such as humidity and light and their rubber properties up to 260 to 315 degrees Celsius.
They maintain. Silicones are widely used in the combination of paints, rubber industry and industrial oils.
Silicon polymers
Many polymers used in industry in general have the general structure of R2SiOnR and may be methyl or phenyl.
The major component of silicon polymer is dimethyl. Of phenyl groups only for the production of special polymers and to improve the properties of polymers at low temperatures
Is used. Silicans are obtained from the reaction of chlorine and silanes with water. By trimming the end group of this polymer, products can be made
It produced a variety of it.
Silicone rubbers
The range of application of tires is from 200 to 320 degrees Celsius. The brittle point of these tires at low temperatures with the amount of phenyl
They are determined. Phenyl groups are introduced into the polymer to reduce crystallization. At low temperatures, the strength of silicone rubber increases
Finds and below the brittle point, the rubber loses its elasticity. Fracture points of dimethyl silicone lower 59 - from and
Methylphenyl is lower than -155 ° C.
Properties of silicones
Silicones have excellent adhesion and some are naturally adhesive. Silicones are the best mold release. Oil
Silicone is used as a mold release, but may be transferred to the molded body, making painting difficult.
The resistance of silicones to weather conditions is very good. Ultraviolet light, ozone, water and… even for ten years on them
They are ineffective. Fungi can grow on tires. But they disappear with strong detergents. In new formulations, resistant to
They are also produced against mushrooms.

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