Mica tape

These tapes are mostly used to attach mica sheets to epoxy or silicone, hence they are also called micanite.

Product description

Mica strips:
Let us first explain about mica so that your information about the product is more complete.
The chemical composition of mica puts it in the group of aluminum silicates, which have extraordinary physical properties. One of the special capabilities of mica as a mineral is the ability to cut and make very thin pieces with a constant thickness. Its heat tolerance is above 1000 degrees Celsius or 1830 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, mica does not smoke and is a fire retardant and non-flammable. The electrical resistance of mica is above 25 Kv / mm. Other key characteristics of mica are arc resistance and microwave resistance. Mica is stable and resistant to water and chemicals such as acids, solvents, bases and mineral oils and has a high elasticity. It is also very resistant to pressure, impact, tension and bending.
Mica strips:

These tapes are mostly used to attach mica sheets to epoxy or silicone, hence they are also called micanite.
Mica strips are usually made in thicknesses of 0.08 to 0.15 mm and their width is produced from 4.5 mm to 1000 mm depending on the customer's needs.
Thin strips with a thickness of 0.2 to 0.8 mm have a width of 1000 mm and a length of 20 to 50 m as standard. In fact, it is the number of layers in the mica strip that determines its thickness. Because these strips are made of mica phlogopite sheet, they can withstand temperatures up to 800 ° C. Also, their dielectric resistance is very high (breakdown voltage> 10 kV / mm).

Mica tape
• Has high thermal resistance and fire resistance
They do not produce toxic gases, do not contain asbestos and are non-flammable.
• High resistance to electrical problems.
• Has excellent tensile strength.
• Good flexibility with a maximum winding length of up to 2000 meters

Factors determining the properties of mica tape:
• Type of mica sheet
• Type and amount of adhesive (resin) used
• Type of applied substrate (glass fiber, ceramic or plastic)
• Number of substrate layers

• Insulation in power cables and coils
• Insulation for generators, electric motors
• Power stations
• Subways
• Computer centers
• Aerospace unit
• Telecommunication centers
• Ships
• Military facilities
• As insulation between high voltage layer equipment

Mica tape
Types of mica tape
Depending on its phlogopite, resistance up to 480 ° C
• Depending on its dry musculature, resistance up to 900 ° C
Depending on its synthetic mica, resistance up to 1000 ° C
Depending on the type of substrate and the number of them in each type of tape mentioned above, several mica strips can be produced.
Depending on the adhesive used, the adhesive strips are divided into high, medium and low adhesion.

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