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A conveyor belt is actually a device or component of a belt conveyor system, often referred to as a conveyor belt or conveyor belt

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Power and Conveyor Conveyor Belt:

A conveyor belt is actually a device or component of a belt conveyor system, often referred to as a conveyor belt or conveyor belt. The belt conveyor system, also known as the belt conveyor, is one of the many types of conveyor systems. A conveyor transport system consists of two or more pulleys with an endless ring of straps or straps that carry materials and rotate around them.
Conveyors are generally used in industrial and manufacturing sectors, packaging units and assembly units. Conveyors can facilitate the transfer of materials in various shapes from one point to another, regardless of their weight. Depending on the type of conveyor, objects and materials move in different positions (horizontal or sloping). Different materials are transferred from the starting point to the end point on the surface of the conveyor without interruption.
Conveyor belts come in many forms, some of which are:
EP or TEXTER conveyor belts
Wired Wireless Conveyor Belts (ST)
Wired Conveyor Belts with Transverse Wire (SIDERFLEX)
Electrical Conveyor Belts (ELETEX)
Bucket conveyor belts (FLEXOBORD)
ARAMELT Conveyor Belts (ARABELT)
Pipe Conveyor Belts (PIPEX)
Chevron conveyor belts (ribbed or SPINATEX)
Single layer conveyor belts (TEXBIND)
Spiral Conveyor Belts
The basic structure of a conveyor belt is mainly a combination of rubber and solid, but in the case of steel cord, for example, the inner layers are made of steel wires. For monoids that are in the inner layers, they protect against external factors (transportable materials). In different industries, depending on the materials that are transported, you have to choose the type of conveyor belt cover, which is actually the same as rubber. When we talk about anti-wear, anti-oil, anti-heat, etc. conveyor belts, we mean the same rubber in the conveyor belt.
Conveyor belt belts are the most commonly used conveyor belts that consist of one or more layers of manifold or vulture. Kurdish steel conveyor belts with very low elongation and high tensile strength for long conveyor lines are a good alternative to EP belts. Rubber cover or cover is divided into 4 general categories, which are: corrosion resistant, wear and tear resistant, resistant Heat, fire resistant, resistant to oil and chemicals.

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