Butyl rubber

What is Butyl Rubber? Butyl Rubber is a material made to absorb shock.

Product description

What is Butyl Rubber?
Butyl Rubber is a material made to absorb shock.

Butyl rubber offers special capabilities to make it a potential choice for quality sealing, ester, installation or other tasks. In addition to excellent shock absorption, this tire has very low gas permeability and moisture

And has excellent resistance to heat, weather, ozone, chemical reaction, flexibility, wear and tear. Butyl is also resistant to phosphate-based hydraulic fluids and has excellent electrical insulation performance.

Butyl rubber

What are the properties of butyl rubber?
The properties of butyl rubber help us to have a better understanding of this rubber for our intended use. Also, knowing some of these properties in some calculations will help us in the design. In this section, parameters such as temperature range, tensile strength range, odometer (hardness) and  are investigated.

Common name:

Butyl or Isobutylene-Isoprene Copolymer
Temperature range:

Use at low temperatures: -75 degrees Fahrenheit or -50 degrees Celsius
Use at high temperatures: up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit or 120 degrees Celsius
Tensile strength:

Traction range: 2500-500
Stretch: 600% maximum
Durometer (hardness):

40-90 SHORE A

Abrasion resistance: weak
Heat resistance: Good
Ozone Resistance: Good
Weather resistance: Excellent
Oil resistance: Poor
Water resistance: Excellent
Heat resistance: Good
Chemical resistance: Good
General characteristics:

Gas permeability: Excellent
Compression set: Poor

What are the applications of butyl rubber?
Shock absorber
Tubeless tube cover
Tire inner cover
Blocking series
O Rings
Pool esters
Reservoir ester

What are the benefits of butyl rubber?

Air and gas impermeable (property of butyl rubber)
Low glass transition temperature

Good ozone resistance
High damping at ambient temperature
Good air resistance, heat and chemical reaction
Good damping capability
Environmentally friendly
When you need a piece to absorb shock, Butyl Rubber is a good material for this need.

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