Teflon graphite bushing

The bushing is a seemingly simple but very practical piece in the industry. Which is responsible for connecting the two pipes to each other in the piping routes.

Product description

Teflon graphite bushing
First, we will study graphite and Teflon to have better information about this product.
What is graphite:
Graphite is an allotrope of carbon composed of layers of carbon atoms. These layers can easily slide on top of each other, which makes it a very soft mineral. Graphite has a dark gray color and a metallic luster. Graphite conducts electricity easily because there are electrons between the layers of carbon atoms. At very high pressures and temperatures, graphite turns into diamond. This process is actually how artificial diamonds are produced.

Properties of graphite
Highest natural strength and hardness
Stainless and heat resistant
High natural lubrication
High heat resistance up to 2500 ° C
Electrical and thermal conductors
Chemical stability
Radiation inhibitor
Low friction
High compressive strength
What is Teflon: This polymer (Teflon) is light weight with a strong structure. It has a neutral or inert chemical property with most industrial chemicals. PETFE polytetrafluoroethylene has a wide temperature range from -260 to 260 degrees Celsius. Teflon has very good resistance to penetration. Polytetrafluoroethylene has excellent dielectric properties and is non-toxic. Teflon has the ability to combine with additives to increase hardness and durability.

Types of reinforced Teflon are:

Pure Teflon
Teflon Glass
Teflon Bronze
Teflon carbon
Teflon Graphite
What is a bush:
What is a bush?
The bushing is a seemingly simple but very practical piece in the industry.

Which is responsible for connecting the two pipes to each other in the piping routes.

In general, the connection of pipes in the path can be done by welding operations.

However, this makes it very difficult to replace the damaged pipe if there is a problem.

For this reason, a piece called a bush is used.

One of the advantages of using this part is the possibility of replacing and solving the problem quickly and easily.
Teflon graphite bushing:
This product is an upgraded version of pure Teflon bushing.
The difference is that the structure of Teflon graphite bushing is composed of 96.03% Teflon or pure ptfe and 3.97% graphite.

The combination of this amount of graphite with pure Teflon bushing has resulted in a product with higher thermal resistance and higher working temperature. However, the higher strength of Teflon graphite bushing compared to pure Teflon bushing should not be ignored.

The working temperature of this product is from -180 degrees Celsius to 250 degrees Celsius. The surface of the Teflon graphite bushing is much smoother than its prototype and completely without cracks. Many features of Teflon graphite bushing and pure Teflon bushing are common due to the presence of ptfe.

Applications of Teflon Graphite Bushing:
Sealing car parts and devices containing corrosive substances
Anti-corrosion and electrical insulation
Used in extruder structures and pipes
Homogeneous and cohesive structure without air bubbles
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