Metal washer

Flushing washer The washer is actually the interface between the nut and the body and is a ring made of metal or sometimes rubber. Washers are commonly used to distribute the load on bolts and nuts

Product description

Flushing washer
The washer is actually the interface between the nut and the body and is a ring made of metal or sometimes rubber. Washers are commonly used to distribute the load on bolts and nuts. There are various reasons for using a washer; For example:
It is placed under the nut so that the rotation of the nut does not damage the main part.
Prevents the nut or screw from opening due to vibration. Transmits the pressure of tightening the nut on the workpiece better
Washers are versatile industrial fittings that come in a variety of shapes. Washers have a variety of applications in bolt and nut connections. Washers are usually produced in a flat ring and sometimes full lips, and depending on the type of connection, sometimes in a square. Internal diameter, outer diameter and thickness of the washers vary depending on the type used in the connection and are produced according to different standards and different materials, for example, in DIN6915 standard bolt connections and DIN9616 standard washer used. Placed. It should be noted in the connection of galvanized or galvanized bolts
Advantages of using washers
Uniform distribution of pressure from the connection of the nut on the connecting surface in order to prevent damage to the surfaces and in addition the hexagon shape of the screw or nut causes a corrosion ring to appear on the work surface during connection and applying the connection torque. The presence of gaskets to prevent corrosion
And creating this ring is very impressive.
What are the uses of different types of gaskets?
Washers are used when connecting two rigid and flat surfaces to each other. In this article, we describe some applications of different types of gaskets.
Some types of washers have a special design that tries to eliminate the looseness of nuts and / or screws. This type of washer is known as a lock washer and can be in the form of a ring, star, wave or other designs. When we want to connect the two flat plates with bolts and nuts, this washer can be placed under the bolt head, as well as on the nut, that is, right where it is in contact with the flat surface, and make the connection stronger.
Washers are sometimes used to protect the surface of the joints. Especially when the part is made of softer materials such as plastic, brass or aluminum, a washer made of harder material is used to relieve pressure from the screw or nut and prevent damage to the part.
Sometimes the joint is so thin that it cannot withstand the pressure of the bolts. In these cases, washers are used to increase the thickness of the joint surface and prevent failure or waste of the joint.
In some cases, we have to use two washers with small and large diameters at the joint at the same time. Sometimes the screw presses on the washer when it tightens, causing the washer to bend. In these cases, we place a washer with a smaller diameter under the main washer to prevent it from bending when pressure is applied from the screw side.
In most parts and plates, the gap is considered to be slightly larger than the size of the screw to cover the possible tolerance. In these cases, a washer is used on the slot to apply pressure to the bolts and distribute evenly around the slit. In these cases, the washers also help prevent the bolts from turning or deforming the gap during the bolt tightening process.

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